Air Miles Gold Card Is Back

I’ve written before about what it takes to become an Air Miles Gold Collector, and about how they stopped sending out actual gold cards to their members a few years ago.  Well it looks like Air Miles is bringing the gold card back with an emphasis on exclusive new benefits to Air Miles Gold Collectors.

Yesterday I received two gold cards in the mail along with a letter outlining what was new with the program.  Here’s what the letter said:

Now it’s even more rewarding to be Gold

Great news!  We’ve added some amazing new benefits to our Air Miles Gold program to bring you even more savings, giveaways and events.  Better yet, as one of our most valued Gold Collector’s, you’ve been selected to receive a card fitting of your status – an Air Miles Gold Collector Card.  Only select Collectors carry this card so please accept it with our thanks!

Enhanced suite of Gold Benefits

Here’s what you already get with the Air Miles Gold Card:

Now you can enjoy so much more:

  • double the amount of discounted merchandise you have access to
  • 20% off reward miles on ski lift tickets all season long
  • free movies – 300 passes given away every month
  • exclusive Gold Card Collector events

Coming Soon…Gold Giveaways!

You could also win fabulous prizes just for being a Gold Collector.  Giveaways will begin January, 2012.  Learn more at

As a long time Air Miles collector, I’m excited about the renewed emphasis on the Gold Card program.  I’ll definitely be checking out the website to participate in the Gold giveaways in January and putting my name in for free movie rewards.

Even though I mostly redeem Air Miles for gift cards, I might have to look into the extra discounted merchandise and do some early Christmas shopping this year.

You need to earn 1000 Air Miles rewards through at least 5 Air Miles sponsors to become a Gold Collector.  It’s pretty easy to reach Gold status if you always carry your card with you (or use a mobile app like Key Ring) and regularly shop at one or two of the sponsor locations.

I’ve reached Gold status for each of the past 5 years, but haven’t really taken advantage of the program.  Maybe it’s the shiny new gold card in my wallet, but I like the direction this program is taking and hopefully it will help me earn more rewards and save more money.

Did you get your Air Miles gold card in the mail?

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  1. Candice on November 9, 2011 at 4:25 pm

    Must be nice! I have been a GOLD collector for years and years and a collector overall since 1992. My husband received a gold card the other day too. When I called to ask why I STILL did not have one, they told me they randomly sent them to 100,000 of their gold collectors to thank them. Apparently I am still not lucky enough to receive one. FURIOUS!!

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