Using HBC Rewards Points

The HBC family of stores consists of Hudson’s Bay,, and Home Outfitters. You can collect HBC Rewards points when you shop at any of the Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC) family of stores across Canada. HBC also offers the chance to earn more points with their HBC Rewards partners, including Esso and Travelodge.

As with most loyalty programs you can also double your points by using affiliated reward credit cards like the HBC Credit Card or HBC MasterCard. You’ll earn 100 points for virtually every dollar you spend by using this method of payment along with your HBC Rewards Card.

HBC Rewards

Earning HBC Rewards points

For virtually every dollar that you spend, earn:

  • 50 Points: When you shop at any Hudson’s Bay,, and Home Outfitters
  • 100 Points: When you use your HBC MasterCard or your HBC Credit Card together with your HBC Rewards Card when shopping at Hudson’s Bay,, and Home Outfitters
  • 50 Points: When you use your HBC MasterCard everywhere else MasterCard is accepted.

Tips to Earn More HBC Rewards

Your points can add up quickly. Here are four ways to help you collect HBC Rewards points even faster:

  • Use your HBC MasterCard or your HBC Credit Card together with your HBC Rewards Card every time you shop at the HBC family of stores to earn twice as many points.
  • Use your HBC MasterCard every time you shop outside of the HBC family of stores and earn 50 HBC Rewards points on every dollar you spend.
  • Shop with the HBC program partners and take advantage of their special offers.
  • Watch for special promotions and offers for points both in-store and on this website at Collecting Points.

Redeeming Your HBC Rewards

To give you an idea how many points are required to redeem for products, you can redeem 80,000 rewards points for a $10 HBC Gift Card, or redeem 200,000 points for a $25 HBC Gift Card.

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To put this in perspective you would need to spend $1,600 in order to earn a $10 HBC Gift Card, which is a 0.625% return. You can obviously increase your rate of return if you shop with your HBC Credit Card at sponsor locations.

Other Redemption Options

  1. Redeem your points for Air Miles rewards automatically each week or whenever you choose.
  2. Exchange your points for ESSO Extra points. You are still able to choose from the entire selection of HBC Rewards, as well as taking advantage of Esso Extra options, including free gas and car washes.
  3. Redeem your points for Chapters e-certificates. You can shop online at and get a great selection of books, music, movies and gift items.
  4. Donate your points to one of their preferred charity partners.

Final Thoughts On HBC Rewards

Gone are the days of Club Z points (Zellers) and Air Miles (the Bay). HBC Rewards has been around for about a decade now and it is a decent retail loyalty program option, but it’s not the best value for your money spent.

The bottom line is that if you enjoy shopping at HBC stores then it’s a good idea to have this card in your wallet, but don’t bother with their credit card option since their are much more lucrative reward credit cards out there.

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