Why PC MasterCard Customers Refuse To Change

Fans of the PC MasterCard are unwavering in support of their favourite rewards card, and for good reason.  The card comes with no annual fee and gives 1% back in the form of PC Points, which can be converted into free groceries at any Loblaws store.  Who doesn’t like free groceries?

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But when questioned about how their card stacks up against the competition, many PC MasterCard holders stubbornly refuse to admit defeat.

Even when presented with an alternative card that can earn more rewards, there’s something about seeing that discount come right off your grocery purchase that keeps people loyal to PC MasterCard.  I should know – I used to be one of them.

My experience with PC MasterCard

The PC MasterCard was my first rewards card and, as a new parent, I loved the fact that I could use the rewards program to supplement the cost of groceries, baby clothes, and diapers at SuperStore.

I got $25 worth of PC Points coupons just for signing up, and from that moment I was hooked on using a rewards card for all of my everyday purchases.

At the time, MBNA’s Smart Cash MasterCard was the considered the best no-fee cash back credit card on the market.  The card paid 3% back on grocery and gas purchases, and 1% back on everything else.  Other bloggers encouraged me to check it out, but I refused to change, listing benefits like earning bonus PC Points on in-store purchase, not to mention, FREE GROCERIES!

When I finally relented and looked at the math it made sense to change.  I was spending roughly $600 per month on groceries and gas, which could have earned me $18 cash back with the Smart Cash card.  Instead I was getting $6 back with the PC MasterCard.

I made the switch and couldn’t be happier.  I’m no longer loyal to any particular rewards card, and I’m always looking for ways to earn more rewards.

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Your spending habits determine which card is best.  And if your goal is to maximize the rewards earned from every day spending, you should figure out the categories where you spend the most and match it with a rewards card that offers the best return.  That could mean one card for groceries and gas, one for dining and entertainment, and one for travel.

Final thoughts

The PC MasterCard is a fine rewards program if you want to earn something on every credit card purchase.  No question, people love it because of the simplicity – you don’t have to worry about earnings caps, category bonuses, or using multiple cards – just earn a straight 1% back towards free groceries.

High income earners ($60,000 personal or $100,000 household) can sign up for the PC World MasterCard and earn 2% back at Loblaws stores and 1% back on everything else.  But, again, at that income level there are better rewards cards on the market.

PC MasterCard fans, if you’d like to earn more rewards I urge you to do the math and figure out how much you spend every month on your card.  I guarantee you’ll find a rewards card that better meets your needs.

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Send me an email or leave a comment below and I will help you figure out the best solution for your spending.

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