American Express And Air Miles Launch Premium Credit Card

American Express and Air Miles have launched a new credit card with a $299 fee.  The American Express Air Miles Reserve card is the first high-end Air Miles credit card on the market and is aimed at the avid and sophisticated traveler.

Most travel programs come loaded with fees and restrictions that make it frustrating and complicated to redeem your points.  It seems only the super elite get all the travel perks.

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But you don’t need to log thousands of miles in the air to get preferred treatment when you travel.  There’s a growing demand for premium travel credit cards which help you maximize the joy of travel while minimizing some of the pain.

American Express Air Miles Reserve card

With the American Express Air Miles Reserve card, you’ll get luxuries like airport lounge passes, concierge service and access to business class seats.  You’ll also get one free companion flight per year.

Show your card and you’ll breeze through the priority security lane at Pearson Airport.  You’ll also have access to priority limo and taxi lanes for a speedy departure.

You can use your miles to pay for fees and taxes, and the Reserve card is the only Air Miles credit card that will waive the flight administration fee when you book.

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Blackouts are not an issue because if a flight isn’t available you can use the ‘FlexFly’ feature to access additional flights outside the Air Miles flight program for a set fee.

No matter how you look at it, $299 a year is a steep price to play the part of high-end traveler.  That’s two-and-a-half times more than most travel rewards credit cards charge.

But traveling is about the experience and more people are looking to add unique touches that really enhance the quality of their trip.

Norman Howe, President and CEO of well-known travel company, Butterfield & Robinson, says that premium cards like Air Miles Reserve help liberate traveler’s from the fees, restrictions and blackouts that befall most travel programs.

“Spend four hours in the airport between flights, or an hour waiting for a taxi to get to your hotel, and then tell me you wouldn’t pay a bit extra for a lounge pass or to jump the line,” said Howe.

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Premium cards come with the type of perks that make you feel like you’re living an extravagant lifestyle. 

If you charge thousands of dollars on your card every month and fly a lot, a premium card like the American Express Air Miles Reserve card might be a good fit.  But if you don’t take advantage of the rewards and use them often, you’re wasting your money.

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