Rewards Visa Card Review

With online shopping at an all-time high, and credit card usage rising, Canadians can now benefit from the new Rewards Visa Card, recently launched by Chase Credit Card Services Canada. Rewards Visa Card

With the Rewards Visa Card, members earn two reward points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases and one reward point per dollar spent elsewhere.

There is no limit to the amount of reward points cardholders can accumulate and points do not expire. The Rewards Visa Card is the second in the Chase portfolio with the online retailer, joining the Rewards Card that launched in the U.S. in 2002.

Online shopping has been growing with Canadians taking advantage of global retailers. With the wide variety of items available for sale, has become a leading online retailer within the Canadian marketplace.

Cardholders earn double the reward points when shopping at  In addition to the points earned, Rewards Visa cardholders receive an automatic $20 statement credit every time they accumulate 2,000 points.

The Rewards Visa Card has an annual interest rate of 19.99% for purchases and cash advances.

The card also offers the following benefits:

  • Receive a $15 gift certificate upon approval, instantly use the card to make purchases on
  • Earn double rewards points when shopping at and one reward point per dollar spent everywhere else
  • Every 2,000 points earned are automatically redeemed for a $20 statement credit
  • Take Advantage of Financing for Larger Qualifying Purchases
  • 6 month financing on individual items of $199 or more, and 12 month financing on individual items of $499 or more
  • No administration fees and the financed amount includes taxes
  • Visa payWave makes paying for everyday purchases quicker and easier than ever. Cardholders simply look for the Visa payWave logo on a merchant’s terminal and wave the Rewards Visa Card. There is no need to enter a PIN or sign a receipt.
  • Use your card when shopping outside of Canada and pay no foreign conversion fees – Make a purchase on your Rewards Visa Card in a foreign currency and pay only the exchange rate.

No Foreign Exchange Fees

Probably the biggest benefit is that cardholders won’t be subjected to the usual 2.5 percent foreign exchange fees that most credit card issuers charge on purchases made outside the country.  If you think about it in the sense that you’ll earn just one or two percent back with most rewards cards, the 2.5 percent savings on foreign exchange is huge!

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How much can I earn with this card?

I don’t shop regularly on, but last year I did my Christmas shopping online for the first time and spent close to $600.  I probably spend about $1,000 a year on purchases, and currently spend $2,600 per month on my rewards credit card.

Here’s what my potential rewards will be from the Rewards Visa Card in the first year:

  • Sign-up bonus gift certificate – $15
  • $1,000 annual spending at – $20
  • $31,200 annual spending everywhere else – $312

Total rewards in the first year = $347

Final Thoughts

For someone who shops regularly on, this card is a decent option to consider because of the ability to earn double points on your spending.  And since you earn 1% back on all other purchases, the Rewards Visa card ranks up at the top of the best retail rewards credit cards in the country.


  1. Claudia on April 3, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Great review and an exciting new card in the market. Under the Chase link they also talk about No Foreign Currency Fees which you haven’t mentioned. That’s HUGE! I was looking for a card where I don’t have to pay the 2.5% fees for every dollar I spend in the US. To me that’s the biggest value of this card. Thx, Claudia

  2. slantendicular on April 29, 2012 at 1:50 am

    I decided to get this card just because of the no currency conversion fees. It may be one of the best cards in Canada in that respect because you’re not just tied to US transactions (as with US dollar cards) but I presume that it’ll also be economical when travelling in Europe.

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